Are you looking for sources where you can collect scrap aluminum that you can trade in for cash? You may be surprised to learn how many items can be found in the trash that are worth a lot of money.

Beverage Cans

A common source of aluminum that is often found in recycling bins is aluminum beverage cans. These are very plentiful, lightweight, and easy to gather up. You can crush the cans to conserve room as well, and their light weight will not weigh down your truck.

Food Containers

There are also a variety of different food containers that are made out of aluminum, with a common one being pie tins. Just make sure that the food containers are clean before you scrap them since your scrap yard will really appreciate it.


See someone's old appliance on the curb ready to be picked up and taken to the dump? There may be a lot of aluminum in that appliance that can be removed and scrapped for cash. For example, an old refrigerator is going to have aluminum and copper in the compressor, aluminum condenser coils, and even sheet metal in the doors. Sometimes there are aluminum shelves, handles, and other odd items in the refrigerator as well 

Auto Parts

There is a good reason that people will take a junk car for cash — because they are filled with aluminum in various parts. The engine block is typically made with aluminum or some other lightweight metal, as well as the transmission casing. Many types of wheels are also made out of aluminum. You can also remove the radiator since it is typically made out of copper or aluminum due to how well it dissipates heat. Brackets and door handles are also worth checking out as well.

Window Frames

Know somebody that is getting rid of their old windows that are made out of aluminum? Those windows are actually worth quite a bit of money. You'll need to remove the glass and other components not made out of aluminum, but it will be well worth it due to the amount of aluminum you can get.

Now that you have collected all the aluminum that you can find, head to a local scrap yard to trade it in for cash. Scrap yards are often competitive when it comes to the price offered for any sort of metal, so make sure to check local scrap yards like Gutterman Iron & Metal Corp.