If you're not using recycled asphalt for your paving projects, now's the time to make some changes. Utilizing recycled asphalt is one of the best choices you can make for your company. In fact, recycled asphalt can provide your company with benefits that you might not have considered. For one thing, the original asphalt can be recycled and reused, which means you don't need to wait for supplies to arrive. However, there are other benefits you'll receive when you use 3/4" recycled asphalt for your paving projects. Here are four of those benefits for you to consider. 

You'll Save Money on the Project

If you're looking for a way to cut production costs while still providing quality results for your customers, it's time to start using 3/4" recycled asphalt. One of the great things about using recycled asphalt is that you'll save money on the project. That's because recycled asphalt costs considerably less than new asphalt. Not only that, but because recycled asphalt lasts longer than new asphalt, you'll be saving your customers money in the long run, as well. 

Your Asphalt Will be More Durable

When you own a paving company, you know that your success depends on customer satisfaction. That satisfaction includes providing a durable product. Whether you're paving a road, a parking lot, or a residential driveway, you need to know that the asphalt you provide is durable. You'll know you're providing durability when you choose recycled asphalt for your paving projects. In fact, because of the recycling process, and the additional materials that are used during the process, 3/4" recycled asphalt is often more durable than new asphalt. 

Your Company Will Be More Eco-Friendly

If you want to be more environmentally conscious in the way you run your paving business, it's time to switch to recycled asphalt. You might not realize this, but using recycled asphalt is an easy way to reduce your company's impact on the environment. When you use recycled asphalt, you reduce the impact on local landfills. First, you'll be keeping discarded asphalt out of the local landfills. Second, much of the aggregate material used in 3/4" recycled asphalt is also recycled, which further reduces the impact on local landfills. 

Your Tax Bill May be Reduced

If you're paying more on your business taxes than you'd like to, 3/4" recycled asphalt can help you reduce your tax burden. That's because many state governments provide tax incentives for companies that utilize recycled asphalt. That means you'll pay less on your business taxes, which leaves more money in your operating budget.

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