Not only is scrap metal recycling a great way to help keep old unwanted items out of local landfills, but it is also a great way to put some extra cash in your pocket. This is because junkyards are not just willing to take about any type of metal off your hands, they are actually willing to pay you for these unwanted items. However, before you load up your truck or trailer with all things metal and head to your local scrapyard, there are a few things that you should know.

You Must Make Sure Your Metal Is Completely Free Of Any Fluids

Once a scrap metal recycling center purchases your unwanted items, these items are put through a rather complex process that allows them to be transformed into brand new products. In order to complete this recycling process safely, the scrapyard must ensure that absolutely no combustible fluids make their way into the machinery. The most effective way to do this is to ban the purchase of any items that contain even trace amounts of fluids. In some cases, this will result in the need to drain fluids or remove gas tanks from certain items before they can be sold.

You Should Always Take The Time To Separate Different Types Of Metal

Each different type of metal will be assigned its own value based upon supply and demand. As a result, not all scrap metal will be worth the same amount. For instance, items that are made from copper will typically be worth more per pound than items that are made from steel. The problem is, most scrapyards simply do not have the time or the manpower available to search through your load of scrap metal and sort it for you. Therefore it is up to you to do this work before arriving at the scrapyard if you want to ensure you are getting the most money possible for your items. If you fail to sort your load into the different types of metal, you will be paid for the entire load at the lowest price per pound. 

Scrap Metal Prices Will Fluctuate

Scrap metal prices change rather frequently since these prices are driven by the current supply and demand associated with a particular type of metal. Consequently, even if you find that you are not able to get as much money as you wanted for a particular item right now, it may still be in your best interest to hang onto this item until scrap metal prices rise again rather than simply shipping these unwanted items off to a local landfill. To learn more, contact a scrap metal recycling service.