Many people are worried about the state of climate change and the health of the ecosystem. Businesses typically consume more power and produce more waste than residential households. This is good news because it means that as a business owner, you can do your part and make a big difference when it comes to protecting the environment. Here are three ways your company can go green and become more environmentally friendly:

1. Install low flow toilets.

When it comes to water conservation, every drop counts. You can reduce the amount of water that your business consumes by removing your current toilets and replacing them with low flow toilets. According to Conserve H2O, low flow toilets use only a little over one gallon of water per flush. This is up to six times less water than conventional toilets used. If your business resides in a large office with many employees, you'll save a lot of water in a year by switching to different toilets.

2. Switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Keeping your business clean is necessary for both health and safety, and for your customers' comfort. However, the type of cleaning products you use affects the environment. All cleaning products eventually find their way down the drain, where they end up in a water treatment plant and eventually back in the ocean or soil. Cut down on the use of harsh chemicals by your cleaning staff and switch to natural, organic products instead. These products clean just as effectively but without the same harm to the environment.

3. Start recycling.

Businesses produce large amounts of waste. This is true no matter what industry you work in. If you're not recycling already, your company is contributing to overcrowded landfills which produce ozone-harming methane gas. Fortunately, recycling can be just as easy as throwing things into the garbage. If you haven't already done so, purchase recycling bins for paper goods. Instruct your employees to throw all paper trash into recycling bins, where it can be picked up by your local recycling company.

If you work in the manufacturing industry, there are even more recycling options available to you. Most types of scrap metal can be recycling, from steel to copper. You don't even need to take your scrap metal down to the recycling plant yourself. Look for local industrial scrap metal pickup services. All you need to do is collect your scrap metal into a single location, and this service will haul it away for you.