Owning a business comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you have to make sure that profits are running steady so you can take care of the bills, expenses and salaries, but you also have to be aware of the laws your company must follow in order to remain in compliance. One such law deals with the proper disposal of waste. If you live in an area that has tight regulations surrounding waste stream management, you have to be incredibly thorough when putting out the trash. The recyclables need to be in a different receptacle but it can sometimes be tough to get your team to comply. Read further to see how you can bring your staff on board so they can get excited about recycling.

Friendly Competition Might Do The Trick

A great way to get your crew into the spirit of recycling is to bring in a bit of friendly competition. Think of a fun concept where people are rewarded for recycling and you're sure to get the outcome that you're looking for.

Make it a team effort. Split your staff into different teams and give them names that are based on the environment. Maybe one group is called "The Amazon Forest," and another is named, "The Deep Blue Sea." Put up the recycling bins for each team and start the competition. Let them know that whichever team is able to fill up their recycling bin the fastest will win a prize. This sets up a fun competition that makes it both exciting and rewarding to recycle.

Place Reminders Everywhere

The key to getting your team to recycle is constant reminders. So many people live life on auto-pilot, doing things based upon habit. If they are used to simply chucking their empty plastic bottles into the trash can after it's empty, you're going to have to blast through that old programming in order to get them to change.

Reminders can come in many different forms. Place signs around the building encouraging everyone to place used glass, cardboard and plastic in the recycling bins. If you send out tons of emails every day, why not change your automatic email signature so that it includes a positive slogan about recycling? 

Managing the waste that goes out of your business is about caring for the environment. Do your part to show how serious the issue is for you and your team is sure to follow suit. Contact a company, like H & H Metals Co, for more help.