If you have an older computer that you no longer use, you will most likely want to find a pc recycling center to dispose of it properly. Many household waste services will not accept computer equipment as they hold many recyclable elements and they are bulky or weigh a lot. Here are some steps to take in preparing your old yet still workable PC for a trip to a recycling facility.

Make Sure Personal Information Is Deleted

It is important to remove any files from your computer if it is still in workable condition so others are not able to access your information. If you fail to remove photographs, personal documents, or financial information, you could find yourself as a victim of identity theft. Back up your files to an external hard drive before deleting them from the hard drive of your computer system. Check the external hard drive to make sure your files had copied to it properly before you delete the files from your home computer. Some find that copying the material to two hard drives will give them the peace of mind that their material will remain safe.

Use A Disc Wiping Program To Remove Hidden Files

In addition to the files you saved on your computer, hidden information will also need to be deleted so it does not end up in the hands of another person. Any program you had installed on your computer will have a key code added within the file management system. Your browsing history as well as any cached material will also be at risk of being browsed by another if you do not remove this information. Purchase or look for a free disc wiping program online to effectively remove all information from your hard drive.

Decide If There Parts You Would Like Removed

Some components in a computer can be sold to others with similar models. If you wish to make some cash from your computer, you will need to take these parts out of the system before you take it for recycling. The hard drive, motherboard, battery, video and sound cards are all parts that can be interchanged in other machines. Take a look at the market value of these parts by doing a online search before you junk your computer. Attachments like the keyboard, mouse, and speakers can be easily transferred to another computer or kept around as a back up.