Many people are interested in renting bins when they are either moving and wish to get rid of many personal possessions, or are renovating their house and have a lot of waste. These bins come in two different types: roll-off dumpsters, which are simply open-top dumpsters that are loaded from the top, and front-load dumpsters which tend to be smaller and have a lid. You can talk to whichever bin rental company you are considering to help determine which type of bin is best for your needs. When discussing price with that bin rental company, also ask about any extra services they might provide. The following three services are commonly offered and can make the disposal process go much more smoothly.

1. Emptying Services

Suppose that you are completing a large renovation project and are tearing up a large chunk of your house in order to make room for the renovation. This will result in you having a great deal of waste that you need to get rid of, likely more than your standard roll-off dumpster can actually hold. You have two options. The first is to contact the company and see if it would be possible to rent two roll-off bins. This would solve the problem of you having a large amount of waste because it would provide an additional place for you to put it. However, most people don't have the room for multiple roll-off dumpsters on their property.

A second option is to see if the bin rental company offers emptying services. This means that they would send a garbage truck to come, empty the roll-off dumpster, and then cart the waste away to be disposed of. This second option will cost slightly more than having a single dumpster, but will cost less than renting two. It will also save you room.

2. Additional Weight Services

Some bin rental companies charge by weight. If you think that you are going to exceed the weight limit, see if you can pay for extra weight up front. Paying before you actually use the dumpster will likely be cheaper than accidentally exceeding your weight limit. It will also help the bin rental service plan ahead if they need trucks with more room.

3. Small Dumpster Carting Services

If you rent a smaller dumpster, such as one that is essentially in the form of a pushcart, you will likely be responsible for emptying it at the dump yourself. See if you can pay slightly more money to have the bin rental company come and empty the smaller dumpster for you. It might cost extra, but you'll save a great deal of time and hassle.

For more information about extra services, contact the bin rental company directly.