There are two main reasons to recycle bottles. The first is to help the environment. Recycled bottles help prevent garbage from ending up in landfills. The second reason is not as altruistic, but it is nevertheless a good reason. That reason is to make money.

Before you get started recycling bottles, it is a good idea to decide upon a strategy. Here are some ideas to consider.

Where Will You Store The Empties Until You Return Them?

If you're only recycling your own bottles, you don't have to worry too much about organization and planning. You can simply wash them out and place them back into the cardboard container they were sold in. If they were sold in a plastic collar, then you can place them in an empty shopping bag.

However, if you are planning on collecting bottles from outside sources, you will need a designated storage place. It is important to place it outside your house. You don't want to store bottles that you have picked up from public trash bins or collected from other sources inside your home. You can store bottles in storage bins or clean garbage cans in your garage or yard.

Clean The Bottles

It is a good idea to clean out the bottles. It doesn't matter if they are beer bottles or soda bottles, they will attract insects if left dirty. If you have empty water bottles, you don't have to bother cleaning them out.

You are cleaning the bottles out to prevent ants, roaches, and other insects from seeking them out. This is absolutely vital if you plan on storing them in your home or in your garage. Even if you plan on storing the bottles outside in a garbage container, you should wash them out ahead of time. The sticky, sweet aroma of beer or soda might even attract large animals such as raccoons.

There are two ways to clean the bottles. If these were bottles that only you and your family used, then you can clean them out in your kitchen sink. If, however, you've collected these cans from neighbors, local bars, or parks, you don't want to clean them in your kitchen sink. If you have a sink in your garage, you can use that. However, the easiest way is to use a garden hose.

Sort The Bottles: The Valuable From The Worthless

Not all bottles have a deposit. This means that they won't net you any money. So, when you collect your bottles, make sure to separate them into two piles. Take the deposit bottles to a company like Sur-Del Bottle Depot, where you can get a few cents per bottle. Take the non-deposit bottles to a recycling center. They won't give you money, but the bottles will still be recycled and put back into use.